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You will not realise how important your car keys are, until for some reason you are unable to use or access them when you need them the most. At Silver Eagle Locksmith, we ensure that if you are faced with this eventuality, you have no reason to experience any anxiety or worry. We can provide you with a professional locksmith for car keys.


Broken Keys

We are experts when it comes to dealing with all issues that arise from car key systems. It is possible that your car key can break inside your ignition. This should not result in your replacing the entire ignition system. Our qualified locksmith can get your key out without damaging your ignition, as well as create a new car key for you.


Special Car Door Key Systems

We are also able to install specialised car keys on your car doors for added security. This will give you incredible peace of mind as you are rest assured that any robber who sees your car key system will be deterred from breaking into your car.


Spare Car Keys

When you lose your car key, it is important to have a spare key somewhere accessible, so that you can ensure you have access to your car. We can create spare car keys for you, so that you can keep one at your office and one at your home for your convenience.


Keyless Car Keys

As technology has progressed, car key systems have also advanced, and many cars now use keyless car keys. Losing your key may have you rushing to your dealer for a solution and to regain access to your cars. Our car key locksmith is able to help you use your car again, with a new remote key. You will be amazed what this can save you in costs.

Silver Eagle Locksmith services are available in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Manhattan, with no changes in costs or quality of service. We see all our clients as equal, no matter what car they may be driving. Our car key support services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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