Whether you live in a house, an apartment or a condominium, you will likely benefit from professional residential locksmith services. These services can help to elevate your security, which will in turn enhance your personal well-being. Silver Eagle house Locksmith Brooklyn offers comprehensive home security consultation services, to help you choose the right locks and systems to guarantee your personal safety.

We offer several residential locksmith service solutions to our customers. These are detailed as follows.

Locks Rekey

This is a service that we offer to save our customers some time and money. Rather than changing all your locks if a roommate moves out, or when you have lost your keys, our residential apt locksmith may recommend locks rekeying. This ensures that you get a completely new set of keys, without incurring heavy costs.

Locks Replacement

You may have realized that your locks are outdated, have a habit of sticking or are no longer offering you the level of safety and security that you would like. In this case, you need at Brooklyn locksmith who can replace your locks. A Silver Eagle Brooklyn Locksmith can do this with ease, and in a timely manner to ensure that you do not experience any inconvenience. Replacing the locks also allows you to modernist your entire security system, making you much more secure in your home.

Master keys Systems

Your home will have several doors that can be opened and locked using a key, and a master key makes it possible for you to use just one key to access all the doors. Our residential home locksmith Brooklyn is able to install a master key system in your home, to help you get better organised and enhance your overall security.

With this system in place, it will be possible to access your garage door, entrance doors and all the doors within your home with a single key.

Other Locks

In addition to the services mentioned, we are also able to install a variety of other locks into your home, to deter intruders and give you peace of mind. These locks include deadbolts, which you can install on your external doors for enhanced security. We also install knob locks, lever handle locks and much more.

Silver Eagle Locksmith Brooklyn prioritises customer service and satisfaction, so the needs of the customer are always at the forefront of any job to be done.

Locks rekey and locks replace 

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